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Week 2: 9.23 & 9.24

Here at Bennington College, we embraced the first weekend of fall with open arms and closed doors. As parties move further and further inside to reflect the weather, the dim lights block our sight and heighten our other senses (PSA: invest in a less natural deodorant). Booth and Fels both hosted some well-attended parties, but just in case you missed it or already want to relive the glory days, here’s the recap.

Day Friday, September 23rd

House Booth

Theme Boothback Mountain 2: The Hanky Codes


The anticipation ran high for this one: the return of a familiar theme, the promise of blacking out on Booth Juice, and most importantly, social redemption after the flops of the previous weekend. (Context: Canfield’s ceremonial first-official-party was mysteriously and controversially canceled due to Student Life security concerns. As for Leigh on Saturday, there’s not much to say there.) Being the second official party of the term, Boothback Mountain suffered a bit from sophomore slump. The house was bare, the music was basic, and upperclassman turnout was abysmal.

Booth’s competitive edge is its aforementioned house drink. There were probably as many people on the second floor, lining up from the stairs to the shower for Juice and a sharpie mark, as there were on the dance floor. Attendance was high in that regard, but retention was low as they ran out of supplies pretty early.

The music was overpowered by stomping sounds, extra loud that night due to the pop-oriented playlist and Bennington students’ unrelenting commitment to a theme. Cowboy boots were about as far as that commitment went, however. The hanky code theme was clever, even practical, in theory, but nobody seemed down to signal that night. It may have worked better if Booth had provided the handkerchiefs themselves, kind of like the color-coded SOLO cup system they use sometimes at normal schools. All that being said, we got tipsy for free, and this was a fine party.

Day Saturday, September 24th

House Fels

Theme Fels down the Rabbit Hole


In the modern legacy of the milk crate house who rose up before her (hey SLUT), Fels is clawing its way to a party house label. The theme, in stark contrast to traditional Booth, was fresh and last-minute. I don’t think anyone even knew Fels was throwing a party until the day before, which might have given them the surprise advantage. In fact, it took a depressing amount of time for people to show up. At least, it seemed empty at first; the “rabbit hole” a.k.a. the basement kitchen was so packed, you couldn’t cross the room for a drink without knocking someone’s white-rabbit ears off their head.

I’m hoping this double-tiered layout sticks around for parties, though colonials don’t really have the architecture to facilitate it as well. It was a good way to show off the intricate fantasy decorations and lighting Fels had arranged, plus a fun and warm alternative to the inside-sweaty-dancing/outside-freezing-smoking dichotomy. The only concern it posed was a more sparse dance floor, but the house’s itty-bitty common room made it feel overcrowded anyways. Most complaints about the party are vague, based on the vibes being weird or boring. This is of course subjective, but it was an extremely uneventful night; nothing happened, like at all. If drama is your priority, my condolences, but I think it’s safe to say Fels is officially on our radar.

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