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Halloween Balloon

The other night I went with you

Down the road to the factory

Inside, fuzzy and all heated

A lulling occurred and I began nodding 

Dreaming I was at the laundromat

Listening to the machines,

Smelling the detergeant 

It comforted me

I thought I’d been saved for a second

In that very moment in time

There were no slamming doors

The sirens had stopped

The lights had gone out

I didn’t feel like this second

Would be my very last

I focused real hard for a second

And took a big deep breath

Promising myself I would never forget 

Reeling and reeling

Incense from forbidden places filling me

Tears came to my eyes

I knew this would never happen again

A fixed moment in time

But it was then I saw

In a sea of ugliness

A glimmer of hope

and its name was love

And I cherished it

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